The Quantum Karateka

…step outside the dojo.


First, a little note on names: 

Quantum theory can be seen as, “a movement toward holism, toward understanding the system as a system and giving primary value to the relationships that exist among seemingly discrete parts” (Wheatley 9).

A karateka is a Japanese term for a practitioner of karate.

So who exactly is the “Quantum Karateka”?

blog about me image 2

Floating in the space between following your gut and finding a home.

Hi. My name is James.

I started this blog nearly a year after leaving my original dojo back in 2012 to go on a life-changing journey to Detroit, MI. It was there that I began reading Margaret Wheatley’s Leadership and the New Science and was inspired by the connections I was making from her discussion of quantum physics and the history I was reading of karate’s modern development. The more I learned, the more I began to understand that the karate that had been transmitted to me in the small dojo I started in was so egregiously deficient and frustratingly conformist, it literally made me mad. Although I had already been feeling “disgruntled” in the last couple years before leaving my dojo, much of that was due perhaps to internal issues rather than just karate alone. However, I did significantly feel that there was something missing from my training; something that could only be described as a sense of “realism”.

Right now, the continuation of my karate pathway has become mainly about one thing: a commitment to my physical health. As my first Sensei always liked to remind us, “Without your health, what can you do?” The “realism” that I’ve sought after has been found in different teachers, mainly through their books, videos and websites (although I have had the fortune to train with at least a couple of them in person). My knowledge and understanding of karate and martial arts generally has grown exponentially since leaving the confines of that original dojo (although I’m still playing catch-up with my actual physical skill). The truth of it is, my gifts are really more suited towards being a kind of priest/counselor/monk than they are as a fighter.

Not everything you’ll read here is about karate. Being a “quantum karateka” means being beyond just a karate/martial arts student. It means following my bliss in other areas of interest, rather than becoming a specialist in just one.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading.

elbow SMASH.

p.s. check out the original version of this blog here.

p.p.s. wanna connect? thequantumkarateka at gmail dot com.

. . .

Sparring with the Wild Man; Belle Isle, Detroit, MI; summer 2012; photo by Julie


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