The Quantum Karateka

…step outside the dojo.


If kata is like a book

Then I can recite you the author and the title

And speak the sound of the words

But the title, the author, the words

These don’t matter much to me

Because I can’t read.

– QK


A mantra of sorts

I am willing to make mistakes in this life.

I am willing to go down “wrong” paths in order to discover the right one.

I am willing to look like a fool and to be embarrassed in order to see myself more truthfully.

I am willing to feel out of place and alone and afraid in order to find where I best fit.

I am willing to make mistakes, period.

Now, more than ever.

In this age, at this time, on this planet.

I may have some false illusions about myself. I am willing to have those shattered in order so that I may come closer to the genius that resides within. In order so that I may give of myself more fully in this world from a place of true knowing, instead of small pretending. 

– QK


What feels more right to me isn’t “combat” training…

It is health.

Without that, I have nothing.

On a secondary level, I think personal safety and self-defense are important skills to have

In a city like Oakland.

I think martial arts should first and foremost be about having excellent health.

While also perfecting the techniques of the particular art

And fortifying the mind through spiritual practice.


But for right now, with my limited amount of time and money,

Health is of the utmost.

A fitness regimen that incorporates the “three pillars”,

Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular.

And learning how diet affects and works with that.

I believe learning how to punch and getting punched (i.e. boxing) are legitimate goals for me as a martial artist.

But without sound health, I have nothing.

I won’t have the privilege to get punched

Or overcome my fear of it.

A weak heart, a weak mind, a weak body

Won’t be able to stand in the ring and take a punch

Or punch back.

Actually, it doesn’t seem martial arts can be separate from the trinity of


But if one must make the sacrifice because of circumstance or situation, then health is the ultimate goal.

At least that’s how I’m feeling right now.

Elbow SMASH!
– QK